NEC XN 120
Hotel Phone Systems

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NEC XN 120 Hotel Phone Systems

NEC Hotel telephone systems for 14 rooms

1 X vision 22 button
1 X dect cordless
14 X Basic handsets
Call logging software requires PC  (12 month license)


Designed to satisfy the growing needs of small and medium business, the new XN120 Hotel software offers a professional, flexible and easy to use small hotel communication system at a price that makes perfect sense.
Supplied and installed throughout the UK.
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No matter how good your products or services, your success is ultimately determined by how well you look after people overall.

Smoothly connecting to your staff, suppliers and your guests is what gives your hotel the competitive edge. It is simple logic that your new telephone system can keep pace with today's rapidly changing communication technologies.

Your NEC XN120 Hotel software provides comprehensive hotel services in addition to the many features available to business users, which include:

Check in / Check Out

To ensure that your guest is only billed for the calls they have made. The XN120 Hotel telephone system can automatically change the toll restriction on check in to allow out going calls, and when the guest checks out the toll restriction reverts to a restricted level.

Call Billing

Add MyCalls Call Manager to your XN120 telephone hotel system and run reports on how many calls have been made, to where, from where and for how long.

Room Telephone Status

To better manage the room use the Room Telephone Status function to change the status of a room telephone for example, ''room available'' or ''room ready to be cleaned'.

Room Telephone Status with Printout

A DSS Console can indicate the status of the hotel rooms, optionally; a printer connected to the XN120 Main Unit can print out room status reports.

Wake Up Call!

A guest can set their own wake up call using their XN120 handset from their room, also the hotel receptionist who has a system telephone can set a wake up call for any room in the hotel from their desk. Using the DSPDB card installed in the XN120, Wake Up calls can play a recorded message to the guest.

Single Digit Extension Access

To simplify guest-calling, room telephones can have a single digit access to selected extensions. For example; this allows guests to dial 1 for reception, 2 for house keeping? etc

Room to Room Call Restriction

To control inter-room guest calling, a hotel receptionist with a system phone can enable and disable room-to-room calling at any time.

Toll Restriction Changing

Using your XN120 Hotel telephone system, an employee can change the Toll Restriction for any guest's telephone, for example you can disable and enable long distance calling as and when required.

Message Waiting

A hotel receptionist with an XN120 system phone can send a Message Waiting to a room telephone at any time, day or night.

Do Not Disturb

Using this function, a guest can enable and disable 'Do Not Disturb' for their room telephone. In addition, a hotel receptionist can do the same for any room in the hotel from the reception desk.

NEC has identified many ways in which your hotel can run smoothly and improve communication between guest, staff and suppliers alike.

These hotel features help you run your facility more efficiently, save you time and money and provide your guests with more responsive service.

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