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Panasonic KXTDA 200 Telephone System Panasonic KXTDA 200 Telephone System
The Panasonic KXTDA200 is a Hybrid IP PBX Telephone System, to fulfil your requirements today and into the future. Panasonic KXTDA 200 can take 128 analogue or digital extensions. 128 channels of ISDN or 4 ISDN30 connections giving 120 channels.
Condition: New
3,995 (Excl. VAT)
or 90 per month
(5 year lease)
  • IP enabled
  • Existing KXTD digital phones will work on it
  • CTI enabled
  • 4 IP Gateways (16 channels)
  • Can be 19" rack mounted
  • VOIP enabled
  • Superb range of stylish and functional handsets
  • Fantastic DECT add on
  • Multiple sites linking
  • Standard Panasonic Voicemail can be used
  • Hotel software available
  • Call Centre software available
  • 10 personal speed dials / extension
  • 1,000 system speed dials
Maximum Extensions
  • Extensions 128
  • DECT Cell stations 32
  • Dect handsets 128
Maximum Trunks
  • E and M 64
  • E1 4 (120ch)
  • BRI (ISDN2) 64(128ch)
  • PRI (ISDN30) 4(120ch)
  • IP GW card/ch 4 (16CH)

Size in mm (H x D x W): 414 x 430 x 270
Weight: 16kg

Panasonic KX-TDA 100 + TVM50 Telephone System

Panasonic KX-TDA 100 + TVM50 Telephone System
Panasonic's KX-TDA 100 is a sophisticated combination of PBX reliability and IP technology offering efficient & flexible communication. It can be configured to meet your present needs and expand as your applications grow or change. The KX-TDA 100 cost effectively bridges the gap between the telecoms needs of today, and the demand for future integrated solutions.
Condition: New
2,495 (Excl. VAT)
or 55 per month
(5 year lease)
Initial configuration:

- 0 lines - 0 extensions


Maximum configuration:

- 64 lines

- 28 extensions (requires memory expansion card MEC using DXDP for maximum configuration)


  • Extensions - 128 (requires memory expansion card MEC using DXDP for maximum configuration)
  • Single line telephone - 64
  • Proprietary telephone - 128 (requires memory expansion card MEC using DXDP for maximum configuration)
  • IP handsets (v2.0 only) - 64


  • Trunk port - 64 channels
  • Analogue lines - 64
  • E&M - 32
  • E1 - 2 (60 channels)
  • BRI (ISDN2 - 32 (64 channels)
  • PRI (ISDN30 - 2 (60 channels)
  • IP-GW card/ch - 2 (8 channels)/16 channels


  • Cell stations - 16 (64 channels)
  • DECT handsets - 128


  • PC Phones - Unlimited
  • PC Console - 10

Configuration without MEC (v2.0)

  • Extensions - 64
  • Trunks ports - 64

 TVM50 Voicemail (Replaces the KX-TVP50E)

  • Initially configured with 2 ports
  • 4, 6 port optional configurations
  • A maximum of 64 mailboxes
  • Supplied with 4 hours recording time
  • Up to 8 hours recording time available
  • DPT/APT/SLT Interfaces
  • Optional email integration/LAN interface
  • Optional remote modem

Panasonic voice mail system provide efficient tools for handling telephone traffic and internal communication needs.

Customers can record, send and retrieve messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any where in the world.

Voice messages recorded via the phone system are notified and can be retrieved via the phone or in an email. Date and time stamped, they can also be deleted, or stored and forwarded (as a .wav file). This allows users to manage both their voice mail and email from a desktop PC. 

Panasonic KXTDA 30
with integrated dect cordless

2 X isdn2

1 X 7630

2 X  integrated dect base units

4 X 155 dect handsets


Panasonic KXTDA 15
with 4 X IP remote workers

 2 X isdn2

1 X 7630

3 X 7668

4 X KXNT 265 IP handsets


KX-T7668 handsets KX-T7668 handsets 

  • 1-line LCD
  • 8 Programmable keys
  • Hands free speakerphone
  • Half duplex
  • Headset compatible


Panasonic KX-T7636 Display Handset KX-T7630 programming handset 

  • 3-line LCD screen
  • 24 Programmable keys
  • Handsfree speakerphone
  • Conference button
  • Auto dial
  • Intercom button
  • Auto answer
  • D-pad for easier programming
  • Message indicator + many MANY more features


Panasonic KX-TE 308
+ 4 DECT Handsets

Panasonic KX-TE 308 telephone system + 4 DECT handsets, and one programming handset! 


Comes configured for 3X Analogue lines and 8X Analogue extensions.

This system is not expandable (ie. 3X Analogue lines and 8X Analogue extensions is the maximum configuration) 
The Panasonic KX-TE 308 is ideal for small businesses or home offices requiring a flexible PBX telephone system with a high degree of sophistication. 
Comes fully configured for 3 lines and 8 extensions, therefore it requires no expansion cards. 
The KX-TE 308 is the replacement product for the KX-T 206.
 It can feature an optional internal voice message card with 8 mailboxes and 60 minutes recording time. (contact us to purchase with or purchase separately)

Programming handset also included in this deal is the PANASONIC KX-T7730

System Features:
Automatic fax detect - routes faxes direct to an extension with a fax machine
Automatic pause insertion
Call forwarding
Call hold & pick-up
Call transfer
Call waiting
Conference call
Data line security
DISA (built-in)
Distinctive ringing
Do not disturb
Doorphone intercom
Extension CLI
Flexible ringing

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